7 things men really want in a relationship

What guys want ? these 7 tips can save your love life.

Given that women are usually difficult to understand and identify, they tend to monopolize all the attention when it comes to discussing relationships. But to be fair and do not discriminate against men, we will devote this article and to clarify their expectations and what they really need in the relationship. Ladies, your attention, please!

7-things-men-want 7 things men really want in a relationship

7 things a man expects from his marital relationship:

For a woman to be happy and fulfilled, she needs lots of love, attention, compliment and above all understanding. At its causes hormones in constant turmoil, it is often prone to mood swings and states of mind that require a lot of indulgence and patience on the part of his partner. But what about the latter? What he really needs and what is he waiting for his relationship?Let’s look closer!

1 – In appreciation:

As a woman needs to feel beautiful compliments, loved and desired, a man needs recognition and appreciation that will flatter his ego and the push to make more efforts to see, again, this glimmer of admiration in your eyes. Do not hesitate to express your amazement at his appearance, clapping his prowess in DIY, or remind him sensually the quality of his performance in bed, but it will ensure your satisfaction every time he has the opportunity.

2 – From communication

Ladies, a man never understands what you are implying! If you want your message to be received and assimilated, say so clearly and directly. It is true that for women, just a look or a change in behavior to understand what your partner feels, but men do not have, or at least not all of this capacity. So to spare Mr. frustration of not understanding, and to yourself, that of not being understood, take the time to communicate with each other clearly and openly about your needs, your expectations and everything that keeps you to heart.

3 – Privacy

A man, even when he is madly in love, needs a space of privacy. He devotes to go out with friends, practicing their hobbies or other male activity. And by the same principle, he likes to see his girlfriend is also independent and has interests and activities, other than those related to the couple. Besides, this is important since it is often a source of topics to discuss, anecdotes, etc.It helps break the routine and preserve the element of surprise to the couple.

4 – Fulfilling relationship

This is the most important point in a man . He wants his emotional needs and sexual desires are met. This may sound selfish at first, but this is not the case at all. Being happy and fulfilled, your man will give priority to return the favor and will spare no effort to get there.

5 – Respect

Despite all the nonsense and folly, you do together, a man always expects his wife respects, both in its presence in its absence. Compliance concerns both here, him and his family that his efforts and involvement in your relationship. So do not tempt fate by backbiting him or his parents, or denying all he has done for you and your relationship to last.

6 – A relationship without manipulation

If you ask a man what he hates most, he’ll tell you being manipulated by his girlfriend!Forget the games and lies! Handle your man to forgive you, bends to your wishes or just stays with you is the worst decision. Behave blackberry and responsibly, and do not forget that if you continue to want to lead him by the nose, your man will get tired of your attitude and will risk leaving you.

7 – From comfort

After a long day of work busy and stressful, a man will have only one desire: to rest! It will, therefore, seek to his partner reassurance and emotional support that will help recharge your batteries and refuel energy to face another day just as tiring. Also, know that a man draws its strength from that of his partner, so even if it does not show weakness or fear, always be there for him to support and soothe.

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7 things men really want in a relationship

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