3D walls at home? This is now done!

Amazing Designs of 3D Walls At Home

The nakedness of the wall of your living room  makes you dizzy, but you do not know how to dress?
Want to lend a pep to your kitchen or you simply fancy a decor that takes height? Personalize your walls by affixing 3D elements, they will give your interiors a unique character, totally unique and allow you to play with shapes and colors. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Be warned, they do not lack relief!

1.A fully fit wallpaper

contemporain-salle-de-sejour-1 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Why not bet on a 3D wallpaper to give an unusual touch to your interior? Ideally placed on one section of wall, it will bring the room a real singularity, but also depth. Here, the light reflects gently for a nice effect of velvety shades that warm the room.

Tip: To avoid visual reduce the space and burdening the atmosphere, upholster one wall of your room. Also be sure to choose the 3D wallpaper based on your furniture. Reasons curvaceous bring such rhythm to a straight interior design and all in straight lines.

2.walls that stand in tile

contemporain-cuisine 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Who says all walls to be flat? To enhance the character of your room and bring volume and perspective, dress up a wall, or a credenza, a tile or a wall of 3D. This works very well in this kitchen , where this type of coating offers a sophisticated raised in opposition to the straight and sleek furniture.

Tip: If your kitchen cabinets are white, know that you can dare tile multicolored 3D and vice versa.

3.A space to go green

contemporain-salle-de-bain 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

How about taking a bath with the sweet sensation of being surrounded by nature? This is possible by creating a lush green wall composed of stabilized natural plants. An original arrangement contrasts with the coldness of the tiles and which we will highlight the unique aesthetic. That's a bathroom resolutely zen in which one is looking forward to lounging, right?

Tip: Those who do not have a green thumb can rest assured. Plants of this type of composition do not require special maintenance and retain their natural look indefinitely.

4.A small deco gem

contemporain-salle-de-sejour_001 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Such an ornament, these diamond shaped spikes ornaments unquestionably the highlight of the chimney wall. An elegant way to bring the contrast in this space bathed in gray at once calm and deep. Moreover, the color of the walls will be observed that is pleasantly hampered by subtle light reflection on the smaller geometric facets. You'll understand that the success of this composition is: based in the decoration of walls, the 3D elements create rhythm while remaining discreet.

Tip: Do not line an entire wall with this type of ornament: Disseminate-in just a few to a light and air movement.

5.Parts conversing

classique-chic-salle-a-manger 3D walls at home? This is now done! Credit

Do not you find that this part of the wall itself as an elegant bridge between the dining room and the adjoining room? The ingenuity of this decoration is the choice of small mostly white hexagonal tiles which we had the good sense to marry blue which includes, as a wink, the color of the next room. This partition thus establishes a dialogue between the two spaces. Note that the installation "disorderly" 3D tiles gives rhythm to the room ... and so the conversation.

Tip: If you choose the tile assembly as here, choose three to a maximum of three colors, otherwise get an update too busy.

6.White takes volume

moderne-salon 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

To stay in a bright and uncluttered ambiance, option here was taken to give relief ... white! On the fireplace wall, immaculate gypsum tiles disclaim perfect geometry, the floral lines spread like a sweet perfume "zen". Here, everything is an expression of a harmonious space with rounded shapes, a trio of pretty neutral colors and few items. The tiles in 3D becomes the central element of this deco furniture and gives it a sophisticated look.

Tip: Gypsum tile presented here are pure white, but be aware that it is entirely possible to paint the color of your choice without any treatment.

7.walls undulate

contemporain-escalier 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Big trend of the moment: 3D MDF wall coverings made from natural fibers or glass. They carve your walls to render design and minimalist. The deep gray ally to the undulations of the material gives this place of passage - which we tend to overlook the development - a real personality. The texture captures the light and plays with contrasts with its fine undulations. It also cleverly suggests a transition, one to another universe, probably one of the rooms more cozy and intimate.

Tip: You plan the installation of MDF panels 3D home? Know that you will be spoiled for choice: colors and patterns, a range is offered to you. When you are told that it is trend ...

8.A canopy revisited?

contemporain-chambre-d-enfant 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Lovers of famous medieval beds with four columns and heavy drapes will fall into their quilt! Here is one version, if one may say, revisited and at least design. By inserting at the headboard but also above a tile reliefs, it creates an alcove of modern times. Following the bed dimensions, both in terms of width than length, symmetry effect gives a smooth and choosing a "pop" blue energizes all for rendering futuristic.

Tip: In the bedroom , opt for shades called cold as blue, green or pink, that soothe. If possible, avoid warm colors like red, yellow, orange, because that disrupt sleep stimulating.

9.When Wall rhymes with stripes

contemporain-salle-a-manger 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Cross made of birch plywood blades and black lacquer or dressing a wall to give an explosive and unique terrain. This wall encircles a "contemporary cabin" at the heart of which is coiled a master suite. It provides open this piece a unique dimension and stimulates our curiosity. The verticality of its lines as the play of contrast between black and white create a pitch for their effect and a light impression. The result ? A sober and original aesthetics.

Tip: Be careful not to place too decorative elements to geometric shapes beside this type of composition: this "blur" the lines. Also, do not overload the room with a multitude of colors. Such wall imposes, needless to add more.

10.Small stones at the building

montagne-toilettes 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

Zen atmosphere guaranteed in this bathroom with a wall completely covered with small pebbles. The combination of stone, ebony and water element recreates a relaxing atmosphere where nature dominates. The assembly of these small stones delicately juxtaposed on edge, with identical dimensions and a uniform dark brown, adds volume and density to the wall.

Tip: You can also cover a wide band if you want a lighter decor but that does not lack for much character.

11.Style antique et unique

industriel-chambre 3D walls at home? This is now done! demotivateur.fr

This is a good volume effect! Painted ceramic tiles and all in relief lining their antique signature on this room wall. The multitude of reasons, the full width of the elements and variations of tones (black to off-white) enlarge the wall without overloading. Unique decoration of its kind, said in temperament, which may as well be married with designer furniture that vintage.

Hint: Bet on a set of textures but united for seating, cushions or the bedspread, to warm the space.            

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3D walls at home? This is now done!

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